Lefty hand seperation

My son is a lefty and is very accurate in the strike zone. The one thing he does that is very different from most pitchers is he separates his hands when he gets to the balanced position. (When his leg goes up his hands separate) Normally they tell you that your hands should separate when your leg goes down. Is this a bad habit that he should break now or if it’s working for him could he stick with it?

It’s a habit he should fix now. Can they steal at his age? I imagine they can’t because once he breaks his hands like that he’s not going to be able to spin and pick to second. They’ll call him for a balk so runners will have all day to take third base. Especially since he is breaking his hands before leg lift. That probably also hinders him holding runners at first becayse even with a slide step I imagine he’d be too slow to the plate to give your catcher a shot to throw a runner on first out at second.