Lefty Graduating This Year College Bound


I am going into my Senior season this March. I am a lefty throwing probably close to 80 maybe just touching it. By August my college coach said he wants me to be at 84-85 mph to get a chance to throw. I am an OF that may go both ways in College if I can throw hard enough. Please provide all tips on how I can reach this goal.


J Bands, Long toss, lift to get big, get perfect mechanics, and take a good hard look at this.

And if you don’t get the school you want looking at you or if you feel you haven’t reached where you want to be and still feel you have more to improve upon, take a look at a junior college.


I would add to get some firm numbers…you say almost and probably…almost and probably could mean 76…so, don’t guess, get some good numbers so you know where you’re starting.


I think pitchers should train for strength - not size.


Definitely, I was too vague when I said lift to get big, I meant become the strongest you have ever been. And maintain flexibililty!


Good advice from @JRS11. Here are additional ways to improve velocity taking a holistic approach:



@Steven_Ellis Thanks for the compliment! & @sabres194 should definitely read and utilize The 22 ways to increase velocity. It is an awesome article with very very valuable information that will without a doubt increase velo! I’ve said it before but every single day I learn something new from this page. Love it!