Lefty Batting

I’m a natural righty and obviously pitch righty, although I wish I was lefty it would probably give me a slight edge in being looked at by a scout.

But anywho, although I’ll never pitch lefty, I really want to hit lefty, the problem is making solid contact, and sometimes power is lacking unless I hit it square.

Any tips or workouts or anything to improve batting especially from the left side?

if your contact and power is bad from the left side, why are you trying to switch to a lefty?

I just want to hit lefty, I like how it feels and how my stance is. I don’t know quite how to explain it, but yeah that’s why I’m wondering how to get better at it. I mean clearly taking a lot of bp would help but it’s the offseason and I have no idea of any places to get into a cage

start with doing alot of tee work. hit off a tee.