Lefty 13 Yr Old- video

Video of my 13 Yr old son pitching yesterday, dressed head to toe in Beavers gear! We realize he is short arming and we are working on getting him longer. Any other comments on his mechanics are appreciated. Thanks :smiley:

tell him to drop his arm down a little bit. he is throwing the ball more like a football then actually pitching it.

Can you post some video from the side?

It is definitely a matter of how you define it but, in my book, this young man is NOT “shortarming” the ball. His arm action coming through is EXCELLENT. He has a short BACKSWING but coming through, he gets really good external rotation and everything looks great.

I see 2 issues I’d deal with before tackling his arm action. The Nymanites out there will want to shoot me, again, for saying that but, oh well… This pitcher’s stride is very, very short. It probably has to be to catch up with that short backswing. Or does he need the short backswing to catch up to the stride? He needs to generate more momentum to the plate over a longer stride.

The second thing is the position of the back foot at landing. I wish I had some web space to put some stills of this but I don’t (Steven?). Anyway, I’ve made this comment to RIstar recently also, this pitcher has the heel pretty much on the rubber when his front foot has landed. I suggest you go to the pitching clips section of this site and download some of the videos of guys like Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens and use Quicktime to open them. You will then be able to step, frame by frame, through them and stop right at the point of front foot landing. Check out the back foot and leg position and compare these to this young man. They’ve got the back foot turned over by this time. Look at those and this pitcher and then come back to this thread.

Now the arm action. As you work on lengthening out his stride (by moving the centre of gravity sideways, for a longer period of time, not by reaching with the front foot), get him to break the ball from the glove later and do it at a lower point. With all of this, I hope he doesn’t lose the external rotation he shows as the shoulders turn.

If you want to see some stills of this kid and Ryan/Clemens at landing, PM me and I’ll email them to you.

Dm you are 100% right to short of a stride. And not enough momentum. In pitching momentum is #1 thing in my book now since I remade my mechanics.

Tell your soon to drift before he lets that leg down that will help get the hips going soon and gain ground and create a longer stride which will help you use the whole body.

Regarding the short backswing vs. the short stride, I think DM is correct in pointing out the ambiguity as to what’s the cause and what’s the effect. My recommendation would be to lengthen the stride and leave the arm to its own to figure out how to adjust.

Regarding the back foot being glued to the ground, I feel that is due to a lack of momentum. More momentum will force the back foot to turn over and pull off the rubber.

So, work on increasing the tempo of the stride to build more momentum. That should fix the back foot and, if the arm adjusts accordingly, that make take care of itself.

Thanks for the feedback. I totally see what you are saying about the stride length. Here is some video of him from a side angle. Not the best side, but the only one we have on video at this point to share with you. You can really see just how short that stride is. We will work on getting his stride longer and see if that helps with the arm.

Remember, don’t stride longer for the sake of a longer stride. That’s not the point. His mental focus should be on moving the centre of gravity sideways longer and faster in order to build up momentum which then CAN be transferred up the “chain”. I emphasize “can” because the success of that transfer depends on several things. Just don’t have him simply reach with the front foot to get a longer stride. It’s a function of the movement of the c.o.g.

Excellent points, DM.

That’s a very short stride and also a very short knee lift. In that video clip, it appears he a runner on base so he may have been trying to be quick to the plate. But if he starts his hips forward earlier and faster, he can use a reasonably high knee lift and still be quick to the plate (although some folks will see the high knee lift and automatically assume he is slow to the plate).

He did have a baserunner on when the video was taken. That short little knee lift is also something we have seen that he needs to work on. Just seems like he is rushing. Overall, we have been told that he has very good mechanics. However, there is always something he could be working on to make him a more efficient pitcher or ensure he has longevity in his arm.

You can try breaking the hands at a lower spot to eliminate some of the short-arming.

You might try to have him hand break in a downward direction making the so-called ‘arm circle’ up to pitching position. This will take him a longer time to get the hand up to pitch height, thus making him take longer and allowing a longer stride. Also gives him more time to get his momentum going forward.
I know this is somewhat dated philosophy, but sometimes for some individuals it helps to revisit old ways :wink: