Lefties and righties

Why do most lefties throw across their bodies, but most righties don’t? I have a habit of throwing across my body(My windup resembles mitch williams), but my coach told me to stop. All of the lefties that i’ve seen do it, but none of the righties. Why is this?

My son’s a lefty and I don’t see anything peculiar to just lefties.

I think it’s a stereotype. I’ve seen both lefties and righties throw across their body.

It’s just like when a little (in stature) white guy like David Eckstein is called “gritty” and soft tossing lefties are called “crafty.” You rarely see a little (in stature) black or latino player called “gritty” and you won’t hear a soft tossing righty called “crafty.”

well te reason you see this is there are more righties than lefties go really its a percentage thing more of a stereotype. I know Andrew Miller does but he’s a lefty

Mentioning one player that is lefthanded and throws across his body does not prove a point.

wasn’t trying to prove a point just bringing it to peoples attention

Me and my assistant JV coach who’s a catcher have decided that all lefties and catchers are retarded, not to offend anyone with the word. Think about catcher, why the hell would you put yourself in front of a ball that is being thrown by usually the hardest thrower on the team? It doesn’t make any sence. :wink: One of the lefties on my teams’ 2-seam moves less than his 4-seam. Weird huh? Both the lefties on my team last year threw with a lot of movement, but they were both built the same way simliar heights and weights, which may have something to do with it.

i’m a left handed pitcher, and if you can get a left handed pitcher to do anything it is a major accomplishment. catchers are a different breed. that is why it is a quick ticket to the big leagues if you can do it well. not many can. and average mlb catching is bringing top dollar right now.

Not to mention average - below average throwing LHP’s. I tried so hard, from the day I brought my kid home from the hospital, to get a ball in his lefthand … no luck. Frustrating over the years to see so many puss throwing lefties that I played with make it to the show … geez, that sounds pretty bitter !