Left Or Right

i have a quick question about catchers.
I have been receiving some interests from schools, telling me to come to their camps and such. But, i am a left handed catcher, and i have been reading lately that it is really frowned upon, and many schools wont give you a scholarship for being a left handed catcher, i was just wondering what your opinion is on this situation? What do you think about left handed catchers?

I’ve seen guys make it all the way through high school but never have I seen a catcher in any college situation that was a lefty. If you have a gun and can hit, they either want you as an outfielder or 1b or pitch. Not that you can’t pick up some cash by catching up some college guys…but as a future…not so much.

Here’s were you dig down and COMMAND the dish.

Like most things in life that hinge on :

What others do.
Who you know not what you know.
What would people think?
Sorry kid, you’re just not what I’m look-n for.

All other “spaces between the ears”, IF you’ve got the stuff and guts to grind out the spot behind the dish - EARN IT!

Work harder, be more dynamic than those around you, come to the park willing to push others out of the way, have little or no kindness or sympathy for those who fail - just don’t show it, keep your actions clean and crisp, speak little but stand tall.

Catchers, above all others on the roster, are the toughest, can-do people. Their leaders not followers. Their not nice guys. They’ll go to another club and still plant your face in the clay on a bang-bang play. Cathcers can be moody guys - smile at you one minute then have issues with you the next.

I admire a tough nut, they have a hard shell and don’t crack easy. Those men are men. They are reliable 100%. Grit and guts. They can handle any bullpen stud and grab him by the short-hairs and look right thourgh him and say - " we don’t have a conversation here slick!"

Right-handed, left-handed, who gives a !@$!. Coaches, recuriters and scouts look for gritty types.

I’ve seen men that were left handed playing backstop in MSBL ball - and no one in their right mind would tell those people they didn’t have it.

I know you’re not going to find many - if any, in the show, but then that just underscores my reasoning for those that go with the flow. But then again, there is so much talent (right-handers) bucking the mind-set to try a left-ee that it’s not an easy road to travel.

You do what you beleive is a best fit for you - regardless. Your main job is to do the BEST JOB YOU KNOW HOW. Let the rest float to the top - like the best cream in the batch.

Coach B.

What i have heard is that there is more and more interest in left handed catchers these days. It has come about with the interest in switch hitters and lefty hitters, as a left handed catcher can get around a left handed batter quicker than a right handed catcher could…at least it would seem so wouldnt it.