Left Handed Sidearmer?

Hey everyone!

My son who is 13 & a lanky lefty likes to throw side-arm. I know this is a big topic of debate but I need another opinion on his mechanics. His coach & I would like him to raise his elbow above his shoulder when he throws. I don’t make him come over the top but at least low 3/4. He doesn’t like it but he seems to throw harder when he will do it.

I trust his coaches opinion so I will keep him up but if there are any lefties here who have gone through the same thing, I’d like to hear what you have to say.



to me thats a golden arm. a sidearm lefty… but make sure you take care of that gold. and nothing is wrong with the arm angle he throws from AS LONG as he learns propper mechanics. get a good pitching coach and work with him.

If you want to raise his arm slot, you have to change his shoulder tilt, not simply tell him to raise his elbow above the shoulder. This may cause impingement. His elbow should be level with his shoulders no matter what arm slot.

Take a look at these 3 arm slots. Submarine, high sidearm, and overhand. They tilt their shoulders to get the arm slots, instead of raising the elbow. Their elbows are level with both shoulders.

Thanks guys…

The level shoulder thing makes sense.

When we pick back up after football season, I’ll keep a close eye on him.