Left-handed pitcher, junior

Hey everyone, just signed up for LTP and it’s really great! Just to let some of you know more about myself I am a left-handed Pitcher, I am 6’2 and I weigh 224 lbs and I am a junior. I run a 60 yrd dash in 7.33 seconds. My fastball sits comfortably at 81-84 mph and I have topped at 87, I am looking for ways to make 87 my comfortability speed, I don’t have any videos yet but I am going to have some in the winter.

Nice having you onboard this pitching discussion forum

Hello, SubwayJ, and welcome to the Fellowship of the Bump!
Let me tell you about something I call “The Secret”. I learned it a long time ago, in my playing days, when I went to the original Yankee Stadium and watched the team’s Big Three rotation and saw just how they were doing it. What those guys were doing was, they were all driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and, it seemed to me, seamless) motion, thus generating more power behind their pitches. Because of this added momentum they were all throwing harder with less effort, which took a load of pressure off their arms and shoulders. And not a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore elbow or a sore anything else in the bunch! I made a note of what they were doing and started working on it on my own, and I found myself doing the same thing they were. I believe that if you worked on getting your entire body into the action in this way you could very well increase your velocity.
And the high eighties is a good thing to aim at. I’ll tell you something else, something my pitching coach (who was a member of that rotation) used to do. He didn’t have a fast ball to speak of; his topped out at 85 or so, but when he would put that pitch next to his vast arsenal of breaking stuff it looked to the hitters as if it were coming at them at 106 miles an hour! Another thing: throw every day. Even if it’s just playing catch for fifteen minutes, or doing a bullpen session, keep on throwing, because that’s far and away the best way to keep the arm loose and flexible and avoid injury. In the winter you can find places indoors, a gym or an armory or some such place where you can have a catcher set up at the requisite distance and throw to him.
Here’s something I used to do as a little snip and then later on. I would get a catcher, and we would go to an unused playing field, set up, and play a little game we called “ball and strike”. He would position his mitt in various places—high, low, inside, outside, every which way but standing on his head :lol:, and I would work on getting the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt—actually throwing through the mitt, not just at it. We would go at it for an hour at a time, with a couple of short breaks, and what a satisfying feeling it was to hear that “thwack” as the ball hit the mitt. It was great fun, a terrific workout, and the best way I know of the fine-tune one’s control and placement of various pitches. I think you could do this to your advantage. Well, I think I’ve run on enough about these things, but that’s a good start. Above all, have fun pitching! :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

Very cool to have you, keep your log up it’s really cool to look back after a good deal of time to see your progress.