Left-Handed Catchers

On another topic, the subject of Left-Handed Catchers was mentioned. For those of you not familar with the mind set surronding left-handed catchers, I’d like to offer some of my experiences.

Most catchers on the field today are right-handed. The thought being that the right-handed player has superior moves and other assests that out weight the left-handed player in the same position.

I would assume that over the years this has been handed down in the coaching and playing ranks as “time tested” and other assumptions. I too went hand-n-hand and conducted myself accordingly.

During a field event, I noticed a group of cathers suiting up and the coach conducting that portion saw one player pounding a left-hand mitt. His expressions were less than encouraging to the man and I didn’t accept the overall environment that the man put up with.

We did need a bullpen catchers due to circumstances, so I convinced our club to give this individual a shot. He had impressive percentages in the hitting deparment and his base running skills were way above the pool that we had already.

As the year went on he proved more valuable behind the plate than anyone could have imagined. After that year, I never again assumed or went with the prevailing winds. I let the chips fall where they may and went from there.

I have deliberately kept a record of every single left-handed catcher that I’ve been associated with and below is a graphic respresentation of their effectiveness. Surprisingly, I have found them just as reliable, and then some, on the skins where their needed the most - arm wise.

Now perhaps this is just due to the clubs that I was on, or, the teams that I’ve either played against or saw from the stands. In any event, pound for pound, however a player shook my hand, signed his name, tip’d his cap, if he was good — he was good.

Coach B.

it’s only because lefty catchers would have to turn away from the runner so you couldn’t tell if he stopped halfway and ran back, just tiring your arm out. Also, you would be throwing 60% of the time with a righty at the plate, so you have to throw with him in the way as well. It’s not that aren’t good, it’s just the bads outweigh the goods.