Leaving things low

I pitched an inning against our freshman team yesterday in a JV/freshman scrimmage and I was leaving a lot of my fastballs low in the dirt. What are some adjustments I can make to bring the ball up just a bit. I don’t want to bring it up so much that its too easy to hit.

Thanks in advance

too low could be that you are understriding or releasing the ball a little later than you should. I would try to monkey with your stride first and try to get out a little further nothing drastic.

okay thanks. i will definately try that. are there any other things?

Something else just occurred to me. You say you keep throwing pitches so low that they end up in the dirt? You just could have the beginnings of a good splitter. If your hand is big enough to accommodate that grip—it’s like a forkball but less extreme, you just have the index and middle fingers spread wide enough so that they’re on the seams—you might try working on that. That pitch is thrown, of course, with the same motion as your regular fastball. You might ask a pitching coach, or a good pitcher who throws one of those things, to help you with it. :slight_smile:

Thanks zita, i will definately play around with that pitch