Leave a Lasting Impression


Usually, after a game I notice that each team lines up and shakes hands. Rather common place now and on the surface, anyway, not much in the way of any sincerity.

On the other hand, do you want to take advantage of this time on the field and do something that’s totally unexpected and to your benefit?

After all is said and done, find these two people - the plate umpire and the head coach of the other team. Walk up to each of them, by themselves, extend your hand and express “thanks.” For the plate umpire - thank him or her for calling the game. For the head coach of the other team extend your hand and say -" Skipper, my name is -----------, I just wanted to tell you that your club played a good game today, and good luck this season. ** Don’t forget to shake their hand with a smile and look them squarely in the eyes.**

What you’re doing will be totally unexpected and will leave a lasting impression that won’t soon be forgotten.

Steven Ellis once posted here something like this … “Every time you play this game, you’re going on a job interview…” Think about that for a moment.