Learning to throw left-handed

I wanted to see what is everyone’s thought on learning to opposite handed.
I am a right handed pitcher going to college next year and I am currently recovering from a major arm injury.
I am doing what I can to have it recover, but I had the idea of learning to throw left-handed because my doctor is not sure if it will ever be like what it was pre-injury.
My question is, what is everyone’s opinion on this and do you have any tips to help me learn to throw left-handed?
I will always do my rehab for my right arm and only throw left handed on the side.

You’ve got to fully commit to it and if you’re thinking of trying to be the next Vindette you are sadly waaaaay behind.

Now if you’re just looking at something to have fun with give’r.

I agree with WD… I don’t think you’ll be able to make a serious go throwing lefty if you’re a true righty. You will also be limited with your ROM as your right side recovers. You’d be better off in my opinion focusing 100% on getting back to full health from the right.

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Odds may not be in your favor but it is possible. Ever hear of Billy Wagner? :wink:

Be honest with your natural ambidextrous tendencies. Can you shoot a basketball OK left handed? Can you handle a pen decently left handed? I think that is a indicator of how quickly you could pick it up.

Will you be as good as you were right handed? Nope.

Could you get to the point of throwing strikes and being somewhat effective? Maybe.

I for one can’t do much at all with my left hand, so I know this would never be an option for me. I’m severely right hand dominant.

Hey Leroux24,

Im no expert just hopeful like you. Everyone everywhere says learning to throw lefty is impossible. As a father of a son going through same thing, I would say keep trying. Try not to worry about all the negative comments. Dont give up. My 13 year old is done for a while with his right arm. We have thrown 12 days and over 1000 throws. He is getting better everyday. 60 feet is no problem now, for playing catch. It takes lots of hours and finding a positive influence who wants to help you.

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Throwing with the left hand is very similar to throwing with the right hand.