Learning to pitch left-handed?

im right-handed, 15, you think it might be a possibility to learn to throw left handed? my brothers left handed and ive been getting outside everynow and then with his glove and throw into those blue screens that catch the baseball and i actually have really good mechanics from that side becuase i would practice it from that side before i would go to bed and i can actually hit a spot now.

whatcha think?

Not a bad idea, I actually used to switch throw. I had a coach that made me pick one and since my righty glove was more broken in I just stuck with right handed. I have thought about reteaching myself to throw left handed, in fact I was playing around in between two games of a double-header and was throwing lefty and one of my teammates said I might have more on it left handed than right handed. But, I can’t throw my knuck or my curve lefty and I would really have to work on that.

You can try it. I was born a natural lefty (still have the glove :lol: ). But when I was like 5 or 6 for some reason i just stopped throwing lefty and switched. Its gonna be hard to do because of your age (I assume 14-15) it would be alot easier if you were like 4-5. Good luck.

probably one of the dumbest ideas ive heard of. instead of trying to build velocity with your non dominant hand just throw alot with your dominant hand.

STFU. It’s not a bad idea, if he wants to be a lefty then he can. It’ll take a lot of work but lefties tend to get a lot of looks from scouts especially if they throw hard and have a good curve.

Sure, you should try it. Don’t expect instant results though, it will probably take half a year or a year at least for your muscles and nervous system to adjust.

if your 15 its to late to teach your body something totally new like that. why wouldnt you just throw alot with your dominant hand to make that more dominant?

Money response pus, atta baby, haha.
Left handed curve is the hardest pitch to hit from my perspective as a lefthanded batter.

I’m ambidextrious to a pretty crazy degree, and i used to throw a lot harder as a lefty just no control, and my dad was sick of buying two gloves so i just chose to be right handed to play hte middle infield, which may have been a wise choice since SS looks like it may be my position to play if i want to move on