Learning something new

I’m always learning about this new technology and language being the kingpin of connecting all the dots. But, I found out recently that even the dots have their own language, especially abbreviation.

Recently I addressed correspondence to the wife of a former head coach that I reported to. She is an attorney who specializes in contracts. All of this related to business with a sports organization that had a long name like a Manhattan law firm.

So, I mentioned this organization’s name proper, in my opening remarks, then abbreviated the name as I continued with the letter.

Without realizing it, the abbreviation went something like this … WTF.
Reference to WTF had a slightly different twist to it once I got some feedback as to exactly what … WTF could be interpreted for.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m always learning something new about this technology.

Coach B.


rotfl ?

Could you update me on this one. PM or her.

Coach B.

“rotfl” is shorthand for “rolling on the floor laughing”.

Now you learned another something new, John. :wink:

Well that sounds simple enough … even a monkey could’ve figured that out! At least I’m not that far behind.

Coach B.