Learning new pitches

what are some good effective pitches to throw that breaks in on rightys and away on leftys,throwing them sidearm right-handed?

well your side armer so thats a good start. If you let the ball roll off your fingers ,as a side armer, it will produce a side spin and it was move into righties.I know alot of side armers who dont let the ball roll off there fingers enough and use there wrist alot so they look like curveballs all day long. for you to effectivly get the side spin i would think you should not be doing it that way. but roll it off ur fingers and throw it hard. it kind looks like a cutter to righties.also a side arm slider would be effective too.

splitter its nasty sidearm

i’ve never seen a side armer throw one…i would think it is nasty.

It spins like a screwball

thanx i havent thought about letting it roll off my fingers

oh so you throw it curvish too? just remeber to have goot solid side spin you have to have faster arm action then you do throwing it all curvy

Try a slider…thats a great pitch to throw side-arm

Jose Contreas i think the whitesox guy who had a 18 game win streak

he thorws overhand then when he thorws the spilitte he drops dead sidearm and its like unhitable but i think it would give the pitch away somtimes

That would give the pitch away, if one throws everything else 3/4 but drops to sidearm for the splitter, and the batters, if they’re quick on the trigger, can make the adjustment. You have to throw EVERYTHING with the same arm motion and the same arm speed.
The slider—ah, the slider. Back in the day, when I pitched, I was a sidearmer all the way, and when I learned the slider it became my best pitch. My pitching coach—you might remember him, his name was Ed Lopat and he was a member of the Yankees’ Big Three rotation from 1948 to the middle of 1955—showed me how to throw a good one, and I worked around with it and I had myself a devastating strikeout pitch. And by the way—have you investigated the crossfire yet? That’s a move that works only with the sidearm delivery, and I fell in love with it and used it extensively, which further discombooberated the hitters. I remember one day when Lopat was helping me with the circle change, and he said to me, “I know you’re going to crossfire it. You use that move with everything you throw.” And indeed that move will work with any pitch. Check it out. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

side armers can throw the nastiest two seamers. ive done this but im not a side armer. the ball should roll off your fingers

I had to learn a lot of breaking pitches, because I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of. So I ended up with a whole basketful of them, and believe me, I put all of them to good use. Some of them I had picked up on my own, others I learned from my pitching coach, and the one thing I worked on with all of them was control and command—getting them to go where I wanted them to go, keeping the hitters off balance, making them go after what I wanted them to hit. Yes, it was work with some of them, but with all of them it was fun, and I ended up winning more than my share of games and rescuing a lot of others. There is indeed something to be said for being a finesse pitcher! :slight_smile: