Learning how to pitch 9 years old


My son just finished fall baseball and was able to pitch in a few games. He did very well. He was pretty consistant in throwing strikes. He enjoys pitching and wants to go throw just about everyday at the park. I don’t know much about pitching but I want to help him in any way I can. Last night I purchased Steve Ellis book 228 pitching tips for youths. I hope to use that as a guide and hopefully some folks on this site can give me some direction in helping him. He said he wants to improve before spring gets here. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m so glad I found this site.

I like pitching from the stretch for a beginner pitcher.

This fall we had him throwing from the stretch position. I will get some more video of him throwing from the stretch and post it as well.

  I believe you are on the right track by gathering as much information as possible. If he really has the desire to become a pitcher, you need to look into getting him a quality pitching coach. You've done some homework, now find a coach that is reputable and can properly work with 9 year olds. There are many out there, the key is finding the right one for your son. 
  Good luck to you and your son.

Hey Turn,

Thanks for the response. I have started my search here in Nashville, Tn.

Thanks again,

Here is some slow motion video we shot over the weekend. I know he has quite a few things wrong with his mech’s. What are some things we can do to improve them.


hi im new here so sorry im wrong guys.
is mechanics are extremely good for his age imho.
it looks like he doesn’t get much hip shoulder separation and he drops his elbow a bit. it also looks like his follow through is artificially created, if you dont understand me i mean kinda like hes forcing it. the follow through comes at the same time as the arm, might lose velocity. i like to think to push off with your back foot then you pull foward and rotate your hips with your front foot making a more natural follow through.
Sorry guys if im wrong here and feel free to correct me. and most of these things will become eaiser for him as he becomes older while others will come to him. what i did was look at major leauge pitchers and look for patterns shared by them. hope i helped :smiley:
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At that age I would work with the end goal in mind. I would begin with arm action and work backwards from there. The focus should be on throwing the baseball. I think the best instructor for a 9 yr old is the radar gun. Instant feedback and a way to monitor progress goes a long way. Glad to see someone else from Nashville on the board.

Hi Neal,

I agree with the Baseballthinktank. I worked backwards with my son. Starting from landing position and work from there. But I am not a pro like the others here on this forum.
But you’ll get a lot of help from everyone here.

Enjoy it and good luck