Learning A New Position

Hey folks

I’ve been a catcher for the good majority of my life. However, I didn’t play in High School competitively and would now like to find a place on my college team. I’m trying to weasel my way in as a bullpen catcher just to get my foot in the door with the coach and team. I’ve also been training with some folks for corner outfield and third base to try and make myself as indespensible as possible.

However, I have been focusing on pitching quite a bit. I’m very familiar with studying hitter’s tendencies and knowing my pitchers and everything along those lines from being a catcher. Now, I’m very aware that pitching can be a hell of a thing to start working on this late in life (I am twenty years old) but there have been guys who have converted to pitchers later on in their careers. Jorge Sosa (it sucks he’s the best example I’m aware of) for instance. He did have the great 05 season, though.

But I’m curious if anyone could point me in the direction of any resources to research getting my mechanics down well. Thanks to the multiple videos Steve has posted, I’ve been able to at least model something that feels rather comfortable after a few of professionally successful pitchers.

My goal is to make myself as useful as is possible to a team and I think if I could learn to pitch effectively from the bullpen, for instance, I would have accomplished a level of indespensibility to the team.

What does the pitching coach think of your mechs? I usually recommend college level coaches for mech improvements. If you aren’t comfortable with him, I’m sure he can recommend someone. Just make sure you get filmed, it is the best way to understand what things you do right and wrong.