Learning a good curveball

how do I throw a curveball? I was throwing it like barry zito’s and getting good 12-6 rotation when I threw it but it only breaks when I throw it slow like 50 mph. idk if its just gravity but it does have the downward spin, when I try and throw it harder it doesnt break, and stays straight… whats my problem? how can I learn a curveball that breaks 8-12 inches? im behind all the other pitchers on my team cuz they have good curveballs.

What I did was practiced with varied grips until I found one that I could command and get a good break with confidence. Just practice man, it’s not so much “learnable” as it is achievable…if that makes any sense. It sounds cheesy, but practice is the only way.

well you see I cannot tell if it breaks when im by myself it looks like it breaks but it is just gravity I think, cuz when I throw it to my friends they say it dont move. and when I throw it hard, it hurts my shoulder.

If you don’t see it move, it probably isn’t moving. If it hurts to throw hard, it’d be a good idea to not throw it :stuck_out_tongue: Are you sure you’re throwing it properly?

I am gonna start throwing it like this

but before I used to just preset the ball and have my palm facing my ear and throw and pull down hard.

im behind all the other pitchers on my team cuz they have good curveballs.[/quote]

Maybe you shouldnt try to be the same as the others on your team. Maybe you would be better suited to throw a different pitch. (splitty, slider, “slurve”, etc)