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Is there any problems with leaning forward slightly when striding towards home plate? I noticed that a lot of big leaguers do it but am just curious if it has any reprocussions such as control or movement? I do and throw from a three quarters arm slot and am wondering if it has any negative impact on my career?

Heres some examples:



I am not a mechanic expert but I do believe it is good to have at least a little lean forward. You definitely do not want to be leaning backwards as I know what as negative effects but you should be fine with leaning forward.


leaning forward (toward your belly button not toward the plate is a good thing. some call this staying in the tunnel. allows you to rotate and square up much easier. ryan was outstanding at this.


This is a good thing. These pitchers are simply adopting a strong posture - one that allows them to stabilize posture and balance throughout their delivery. Pitchers who don’t do start with such a posture end up adjusting into it during the delivery which creates unnecessary movement during the delivery.

BTW, this is completely analogous to a batter’s stance/posture.


I haven’t really heard this term before could you elaborate?

What would happen next?

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thanks for the feedback, I will try to get a video of me when I can. I lean forward and was always concerned about it but it seems that it may not be a concern and may even be a good thing.


staying in the tunnel means keeping your shoulders to the throwing arm side by bending at the waist. if you arch your back taking your shoulders behind the waist to the glove hand side it is much harder to get good rotation and be consistent. it can be done (juan marichal and jim palmer come to mind) but it is tough to do. there are many more pitchers that “stay in the tunnel” running from the throwing arm side of the rubber to the plate than arching out and then coming back to that side.


Is Lincecum someone who leans toward first? My son was emulating him in those first clips you saw.

There is a great segment someone posted on you tube of Lincecum chatting with Harold Reynolds and Joe Magrane. He takes you thru his motion and where it came from etc. Gives a lot of credit to his father and grandfather. I could post it if anyone’s interested.

This isn’t to say that the Lincecum motion will work for everyone.




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