Lean, Mean Diet

Over christmas, I will have 3 weeks where I am free from the cafeteria. I want to devise a 3 day diet on which I repeat every 3 days.

-Balanced breakfast
-More carbs for lunch
-Mainly protein for dinner
-I want the overall ratios to be about 4 carbs:3 protein
-I will take creatine, protein powder, multivitamins, alpha lipoic acid, digestive enzymes, omega 3 fat
-snacks: fruits, vegetables, clif bars, etc

My parents won a side of beef at a raffle so I have as much cow as you can imagine
I will have plenty of chicken
Turkey etc
fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc

I’ll edit my plans later but suggestions are welcome

Looks like you’ve done your research. 4:3:3 (c-p-f) is a good starting point for most athletes. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head would be to move your carbs to postworkout, whenever that may be, rather than base it on time of day. The body is less insulin sensative PWO, so you can utilize the carbs better for glycogen storage.

Also, make sure you get lean protein at every eating opportunity. This would include “snacks.”

And remember to break the rules 10% of the time. It will keep you sane and happy :smiley: Plus with Christmas and New Year’s you’ll probably need a little leeway.

You trying to gain or lose weight?

Absolutely true and very important in regard to quicker recovery after your workouts. It is not only important to get the proper nutrition but also important as to when certain nutrients are taken in.

I want to gain just a few pounds but not much. I’ve already gained 7lbs. I more or less want to get my car running as smoothly as possible for the upcoming season 8)

I’ll try to post a complete schedule today or tomorrow

So my schedule…

Here’s a sketch

Yogurt, toast, pb/j, fruit, egg, protein shake

turkey sandwich, chicken, cow, fruits/veggies

cow, chicken, fish, veggies

Not very specific but think that’s good ordering? I’m going to ask my mom what she can make so I can put some more specific stuff

It’s hard to say based on something so broad. If you can put up a more specific typical or average day, then we could probably be more helpful. If you are worried about nutrient timing and the like, then when you workout each day will be relevant to what you eat and when you eat it.

I wouldn’t eat so much protein at every meal. Your body can only handle so much. Try to get 30-40 g spread evenly over 6-7 meals a day rather than having 3 meals at 100 g each.

Well a sandwich has less then a 7oz cut of meat.

I’m going to try to eat more smaller meals during the day but that a little more difficult to do. Animals just don’t do that.

kc86, I’ll get back to you on specifics. Carbs before workout and protein carbs after?

It’s just that you listed Sandwich, cow, and chicken together. I didn’t know if you actually planned on eating a little bit of everything.

Sorry I was just making a crappy outline :oops: