Leaking forward before going to the plate

Anyone have any cues or drills for leaking forward at hip hinge?

I do actually. Stand on the mound, in wind up position. Have someone on one knee, with a ball, beside you. Slowly, maybe 1/2 normal speed, start your windup and when you come to the balance position, hold it right there. That would be knee at belt height, foot directly below knee (not “bowed-out”, hand/on no-ball in glove, just ready to turn toward home.

But don’t. Freeze there and get fully balanced. If you leak or rock, start over, slow it down, so eventually, when you slowly raise your lead leg, you can comfortably stop at the balance position.

Now look down at the person on one knee, and he/she will toss the ball to you, a little underhand toss, right toward where your hand is, which should be in the glove.

Now, you open your pitching hand, catch ithe ball with that hand, while still balanced, grab ball, still in balance, then with ball in hand back in glove, still in balance, rip rip your delivery toward the plate.

This will remind you to ALWAYS come to balance and not to leak forward until ball in hand in glove at knee height, THEN you go to plate. Have the toss-person decide when to toss to you. That person has to see a complete stop. Sometimes you get it then, sometimes they count to 2 before tossing. Main thing is they don’t toss until you are fully stopped and balanced, no leaning, no leaking.

Do the same now from the stretch.

Do 10 sets from windup, 10 sets from stretch.

Let me know how it works. If you need a video I can do a quick one. Email me
pauljoehooker@gmail.com if you like for more.

I learned this at a clinic from one of the top college pitching coaches in the country.
I am a retired high school varsity head coach in NJ with a state championship under my belt. This is legit. Good luck. PJH

At what point in your hinge are you leaking forward? At the top of your leg lift you SHOULD be moving forward and down and away from the rubber, you do not want to be stuck back and having to drop, collapse or stick your hip out to get your momentum moving forward. The hinge is ridden and maintained the entire length of the stride, the whole time you should be feeling like you are in and over your glute while your hips are level. Like you are halfway sitting into a chair on one leg in your heel. Stay stacked without feeling like you are leaning back toward the rubber or leaning forward over your toes…

Sorry got into that… can you further explain your definition of leaking out of your hinge