Leading with your hip

I’ve been taught (actually learnt off watching mlb players) that it is important to lead with the hip like Randy Johnson. I know you need to do it but what exactly does it do, I have an idea of something to do with increased velocity but if so how much than a person who does not lead. Just curious to see if this could benefit my pitching velocity in some way over time.

Hey Spence,

The way I think about this is: Leading with your hip gets momentum directed toward the target early in the delivery.

It’s more-or-less an antidote to “stop at the top” pitching–which is successful for some, but undeniably “stop-at-the-top” brings forward momentum to a halt, then the pitcher needs to generate forward momentum from the top of his leg-lift (while balanced on one foot). Dan Haren can stop at the top very effectively, but not that many others can pitch that way with his effectiveness.

what about leading with heel of stride foot. heel - then hips - then head. keeps you loaded prior to stride foot plant.

Leading with the heel does keep you closed off but it is possible to stall out over the rubber instead of getting the center of mass moving to generate momentum. If the hips are moving, you’re pretty much guaranteed that you’re generating momentum. That’s how I see it.

Thankyou, I’ll be sure to feel out what works best next time i train.
Thabks again

Imo leading with the hip is a much better cue to help stride closed, while of course maximizing momentum. Still, final balance is the key…it’s worthless to create more momentum than your body can control.

Should the foot land be on the ball, “toes”, flat? I think my son is landing on his heel which I’m told stops his motion and forces him to throw all arm. Is that correct?

Landing on the heel is fine as long as he can maintain good balance and posture. Maddux, among others, landed on his heel.

heel to toe just like you walk. balance.

Thanks, JP and Raiderbb…

Toes pointing to home or is it o.k. to be slightly angled?

As others have said, landing on the heel is ok as long as it is not associated with a failure to get out over the front foot.

Regarding orientation of the front foot, you see it all at the pro level. Slightly angled is usually ok. Significantly angled can become an issue. Also, angled to the glove side runs the risk of opening the hips too early.

vid about leading with the hip and hip rotation

Thanks, guys…

The video is excellent.

toe pointing at about 1 o’clock is ok.

If you guys ever take a look at my videos can you tell me if im leading with my hip well enough. I have limited knowledge so any advice would be appreciated.