Leading with the hips from stretch


From my stretch I have no leg raise, start far apart, and just a quick knee flex and go. I don’t feel this is right or which to compare this too as Mlb players throwing 95 can go up and still their time to the plate is under 1.4. Most young pitchers slide step or quick knee flex to make up time to the plate, how can I do that from my stretch? Adding video later. Thanks.


Hershiser Drill


I know from the last post, but let me reword this. Would I go from my normal stretch unlike the video? I would flex my knee than fall into wall basically?


I don’t know what “my normal stretch” means. I also don’t know which knee you’re referring to when you say “flex my knee”. Regardless, if you start in an athletic position (I.e. with some bend in the waist and knees) then you should be able to start moving forward as soon as the front foot comes off the ground if not sooner. That should let you use a knee lift while still being quick to the plate. Early forward movement lets gravity help you better though you will still need a sideways push with the back leg to aggressively initiate movement down the hill.

When you watch that video, pay attention to when things happen. Timing is important.