Leading with the hip

How can a 12 year old learn to lead with his hip? My son throws out of brute force (more arm than body movement) but I have read that he should learn to use his weight by leading with his hip.


Tom House has a drill that works well.

You stand about 18" away from a padded wall or object and as you perform your leg lift you move forward leading with the hip. If you are doing it correctly your hip should hit the wall first.

My son is 12 and we have been working on this as well, it does help.

Good luck.


What you heard is correct and the drill Munster suggested is a good starting point. Search this site for “Hershiser Drill” to find a description.

A good next step would be the “Cross-over Drill” which is throwing from the stretch with the front leg crossed over in front of the back leg and the front hip preset in a “pushed out torward home plate” position.