Lead foot rotation

My son is a freshman JUCO pitcher and having some control issues; he seems to land with his weight towards the heel of his lead foot and it rotates slightly as he follows thru; I believe this makes it near impossible to find consistency and probably is leaking power as well. Any good training tips to resolve this? Thanks

I have the same problem. I’ve been focusing on keeping my toes pointed down towards the ground as soon as I lift my leg to pitch, so that I won’t land on my heel, but rather on the ball of my foot. He could try using a wooden board, or one of the foul lines, to work on landing straight and not falling off to the left. Hope any of that helps.

10-20° from directly at HP isn’t a problem.

He should land with the foot flat- not on the ball or heel.

The landing position isn’t really the issue, the issue is rotation as he is delivering the ball

Tough to say without seeing him but I would tend to look at where his center of mass is going. Look at things like postural shifts vs. stride direction.