lead arm

i was wondering what you should do with ur lead arm pitching. pull ur lead arm in or not. thats what i do and i feel like i have better control but dont throw as hard opposed to when i just throw it and dont worry about what if i pull it in or not

I think it’s helpful for younger guys to point the glove at the target and then pull it into their glove-side pec.

Where does your glove end up when you consciously pull it in?

Many people think pulling the glove enhances shoulder rotation thereby increasing velocity. But more often than not it leads to premature rotation and/or over-rotation of the shoulders. Both of these result in an inconsistent release point. Premature rotation also puts more stress on the throwing arm.

Also, I feel that pulling the glove puts all the focus on the shoulders instead of the combination of hips and shoulders. Therefore, I teach my pitchers to leave the glove out over the front foot, to turn it over and firm up the glove-side arm, and to bring the torso to the glove. This seems to aid in the separation and late shoulder rotation department.