Lead arm

How can I keep my front shoulder closed? Does anyone have any good pic’s to explain?

There are various tricks that coaches have pitchers employ to help keep the shoulders closed. For example, breaking the hands with the thumbs down helps rotate the glove arm internally which might help to close the shoulder. Another example is extending the glove to the throwing arm side of home plate.

It’s tough to make any recommendations without seeing you.

Many times pitchers just need to increase their tempo and get into foot strike sooner so that don’t have time to open up early.

do you have any good pic’s how roger clemens does it?

The library has several excellent ones. Look at Ryan, Clemens and Kevin Brown.

In additon to what Roger said about the internal rotation, I’d suggest not thinking so much about the shoulders not opening and start thinking actively about better things. For example, there are 2 pretty much opposing things happening as the hips start to rotate. Not only are they opening but the upper body is doing other things, competing for your attention. The throwing arm and hand is continuing its path up, toward and through the infamous high cocked position at the same time as the hips are starting to open. I believe pinching the shoulder blades as the ball/hand move past horizontal and the humerus externally rotates up to high cocked could help. It may help if you think of the productive, positive things that need to happen in the upper body during that initial hip rotation rather than what you shouldn’t be doing.