Lazy pitcher or bad rule

I was on the mound, I got the signal from catcher, then the ball slips from my hand. I go down to pick it up then I hear both umps yell, THATS A BALK. I was confused but shook it off with a laugh. Didn’t really care if the runner from third went home cause the score was 14-1 at the time anyways and we lost 17-1.

Its just really funny how things work I guess. You just gotta laugh it out.

It’s a balk. Whether or not it is a bad rule is a matter of opinion.

The balk rules are in place essentially to prevent pitchers from intentionally deceiving base runners. Tricks like purposely dropping the ball in order to tempt a runner to steal (of course with the intention to throw him out) might not be good for the game if they were allowed…so they are banned. Since it is not practical for an umpire to read your mind, the rules simply call for a balk on any pitcher who drops the ball while on the mound with a runner on base.

Once they have been called for a balk of this type, most pitchers take better care to hold on to the ball…you got away pretty cheap since your game was already a laugher.

In the world of competitive sports, there is one common thread that is particular to winners and that it is the constant drive to compete. This is true of baseball, football, basketball, tennis, and the list goes on.

Regardless of the score, time of day, time remaining, rain or shine, these people excel at their desire to compete. In fact, you can see it in their eyes, their body language, their personal makeup. Now, they may not always be the star of the game, but their game nonetheless.

On the field of competition these competitors are totally different then when their off the field. On the field, they have this mental focus, drive, and that silent glare off in the distance that represents a place that their no stranger to. A place that very few share.

In short, their very special people. People that others admire, even envy. People you can depend on, night or day, rain or shine. People who will always want the call and want the ball and will never drop it. :allgood:

Coach B.

It stinks you had to learn that one the hard way.

It is a balk. As laflippin said, the rule is there to not trick up the runner. In the future, if anything disrupts your pitching motion, just step off and regroup. No harm done. That means if a bug is in your face, a bead of sweat in your eye, or anything that might cause you to do unnatural motions while on the rubber, just step off.


Thats so funny that you mention this. The same thing happened to one of the pitchers on my team the other day and we were all confused too. Good call by the ump to remember that rule i guess. But i now know the rule. Thanks

Yep, this has happened to me already this year! it’s alright.