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Your arm action looks the same. Your elbow is still trapped and you push the ball. Your arm action is quite similar to Bretzke’s sons arm action.

How do I push the ball?

I don’t get any elbow problems like I was having in that before video back in may.

A more traditional non pushing arm path may look something like this…

You see anything else besides the arm action?

your hip rotation toward second may be a bit too forced and fast.
I know what you are trying to do cause in the process of figuring out efficient mechanics I tried a ton of stuff before I got it (took a while too). I did what you are doing with your stride leg, I think what you have to understand is throwing hard doesn’t mean being extreme in the delivery. Think of the knee lift and stride as Controled and smooth then after planting the front foot EXPLODE, kinda similar explosion as if you were to go from 0-100 in a sprint but instead you are throwing a baseball.

what you are doing is twisting your body with force of the twist coming from your knee turn toward 2nd base. what you want to do is, as you are coming out of your rocker step rotate your hips (turn your hips USING the hips…do not force it with a twist) when you do this then you lift your knee and your knee will naturally point toward the SS/2nd Base because your hips were already in that direction before you lifted your knee.

when you come out of your knee lift just let the stride foot drop then do your drive toward home with the back leg but not violently…do it nice n smooth…the moment you want to be aggressive and explosive is after your foot plants. keep that weight back, stay loaded, plant then explode.

here is an example from your fav pitcher

this guy Bard throws well into the mid/high 90’s i’ve seen him hit 100 in the playoffs this past year against the red sox. In fact, I remember he threw a 100mph fastball on the black to strike out Figgins in the bot of the 8th of game one of the ALCS.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you how smooth and controled he is then notice how he explodes after he lands. Plus I like the vid, I think it’s a decent vid.

What you’re basically saying is that be more smooth with my leg lift?

against the angels* :lol:

sorry had to :oops:

lol yea against the angels…bard is on the redsox :oops:

to get a feel for it… get in a stance like you would if you were hitting and point your stride foot inward so it’s pointing toward your back foot…your heel will be ahead of the toes, try to keep any weight that you have on the balls of the feet…keep the majority of your weight on the back leg…you should feel the hips being cocked and closed

now from that position lift your knee…you will see how your knee will go up pointing toward SS/2nd base-ish you don’t have to force it to point that way…

an undetailed explanation to this is: think of lifting your knee up to touch your right shoulder

I dont like your arm action at all from hand break to release. It seems like there is too much extra movement and your arm flies behind you . I dont know anything about fixing this but it should be something to focus on. Other than that you look great, much leaner, and you got some sweet pants haha. But seriously I would try to find a way to either go the equal/opposite direction with your shoulders and arms or just keep them level.

I also dont like to see forearms go too far below the plane of the shoulders and the arm if at all. Basically a baby inverted L in O’leary terms

Do guys in the pros, still have this kind of problem? with the arm action…

just a question

I wouldmt call it a problem but the arm action somewhat resembles aj burnett when you see his shpulders however they are in astraight line whereas your arm seems to fly behind your body