Latest throwing-Max long toss throw and pull down throw

Let me know what you think!

My long toss throw went out to around 310 ft to my best estimate. Give or take a few feet.

My throws felt good. Hopefully the weather warms up again and I’m able to get out more. [/youtube]

Looks real good man! Keep it up. How many days per week are you airing it out? How many bullpens are you getting in between appearances?

I stopped playing on my school team in the fall due to a number of reasons. One reason being the methodology of the coach and him causing my ability to regress. Another big reason was my knee keep giving my issues. Causing me to have my knee scoped this past December.

So for me now, I just throw on my own. I’m planning on playing summer ball for a team, but my main goals center around seeing how far I can long toss.

I really enjoy throwing and get a great thrill from it. I don’t know where it will lead in the future. All I know as of now is that I want to throw and workout with the goal of throwing far in mind.

As far how often I throw. I try to throw 3-4 days a week. Since Ohio is still frozen now, I haven’t been able to long toss as much as I like. Only having gotten two times outside this year so far, I have been focusing on getting my knee back to being as healthy as it can be and getting as much throwing in as possible.

I have been focusing, since I got back to throwing after my knee scope, on weighted baseball throwing, medicine ball, wrist weights, and connection ball throws.

Since I’m inside a lot now and have limited ability to use the space in the facility to stretch it out, my ability to simulate long toss has been very limited. But I’m encouraged by my recent long toss distances that what I’m doing to strengthen my arm and improve my mechanics has been working.

When it warms up here, I will be working on trying to long toss a lot more. No more than 4 days a week most likely.

Ironically, my arm has been able to handle throwing a lot, but my knee will get sore. So, I guess I won’t have to worry about overuse on my arm that much.

Hope all is well Steven!

Awesome! Glad to hear your knee is progressing so well. Keep working hard and staying focused like you have been and you’ll do great. I like your idea of long tossing at least 3-4 times per week. I’d also try to work in a full and half bullpen, and one “live” bullpen" sesh, if possible. Maybe you could throw to some of your buddies or something. But treat it like a live game. That should set you up to have a real nice summer season, ready to go 100%.