Latest on cleats for pitchers

My kid’s feet are growing again… need to get new cleats…

I was looking at a new line by addidas that are the lightest cleats out there-- 11.4- 11.9 oz. But I see that several pitchers wrote in complaining that the mid arch support has been hollowed out to get the weight down, resulting in painful shoes that fall apart.

Next I was thinking about New Balance as I’ve heard good things there. Their latest model is the 1103, but the 1101 can be bought at ebay stores for about 25-25 bucks.

A question about those shoes came up when I started looking at their low cut v. mid cuts. Is it preferable to have low cut? Do mid cuts give better stability and support or do they simply add weight and extra stress on the ankle as the pitcher needs maximum flexibility at landing?

We’ve tried and moved on from Nike / Wilson/ Spalding and Mizuno.


I prefer mid cuts because they gibe me much better stability while pushing off and it isn’t a big weight difference.