Late Shoulder Rotation?

Like a lot of young pitchers I’ve observed in the last year, my son throws a lot with his arm. Over the winter and early spring, we worked on incorporating the lower body and generating early momentum using some step behind drills, the Hershiser drill, leading with the hip, etc.

His lower body momentum has improved (based on his size and genetics, I don’t think he’ll ever be “quick” to home plate), but he still throws with a lot of arm. While before he had almost no lower body momentum, now it seems that his lower body and torso are leaving his arm behind.

I’ve been re-reading some House/NPA material (Pitching Edge, Art & Science of Pitching) and it struck me that maybe the issue at this point isn’t lack of momentum, but the timing of his shoulder rotation. Maybe later shoulder rotation would help recruit some of the lower body momentum and reduce what looks to me like a dragging arm.

Does this make sense or am I going in the wrong direction? If I’m on the right path, are there any drills for delaying shoulder rotation? Any verbal cues that I could use? Thanks.


You are on the right track. Early shoulder rotation will create the appearance of the arm lagging behind. Delaying shoulder rotation will help. And that starts with maintaining good posture and controlling the glove side. Trying to be “equal and opposite” as close to front foot plant as possible will buy timing to delay shoulder rotation. The momentum part helps avoid the feeling that you’re holding the glove out front for an excessively long time.

Also, the transition from “equal and opposite” to “swivel and stabilize” is crucial. “Swivel and stabilize” is not about a finishing position - it’s about making the transition from “equal and opposite”. If, in between, you drop the glove, pull the glove, or fly open with the glove then the damage is done (i.e. early shoulder rotation) and finishing in the “swivel and stabilize” position at that point buys you very little.

I’m wondering if we can get some pics that show these techniques for those members who aren’t familiar with these terms … Would be really helpful, I think. Post if you’ve got :slight_smile:

Steven, I don’t have any I can post but when I get some time I’ll search the internet for pictures those show these mechanics and post links to them.

Man…what a great idea! A quick plug for Chapter 4 of “The Ultimate Guide to Advance Pitching”…the text and pictures are awesome and I’ve been using that chapter with my son to gain some velocity. I realize that not everyone has access to the book so, Roger, thanks for the offer. I look forward to the thread.