Late posture shift


Am I correct when I think there are many variables that play into a late posture shift? I’ve heard Coach Wolforth say it’s the most dangerous thing a pitcher can do. I would think just about every action the body makes could lead to this shift, but what are some common trends of pitchers with posture changes? And then what are some ways to then fix that shift?


May seem a little over simplistic but I’d say just keep eyes on the target. Not talking about after release but up to.


A couple common causes for late shifts in posture are striding closed and dropping the glove. It can also be caused by a lack of core strength to stabilize posture while other things are happening.


Roger, I’m quickly learning how good of a resource you are. I spoke with trevor bauer today and he said “stride direction, incomplete hip rotation, a weak/pulling glove as well as core instability” could all be factors, as did you. I think in the case of my brother it’s a little bit of everything, he can improve all those areas in some way or another. Thanks for your expertise


Some of these comments about posture might help your brother. Good luck.


Ted22, it’s funny you give me that link. I was reading that article earlier and actually the guy who wrote it, matt blake who works with Eric, does a lot of delivery anylasis and is going to be doing one on my brother in the near future when he gets the time to send it back to me.


Wow! That is exciting. I really like all of Matt’s work that I have seen. I don’t know him at all, but his comments always give me something to take away for my boys. I feel confident your brother is headed in a good direction with those guys. Seems like he is lucky to have you in his corner too. Keep us posted on his development. Good luck!



Thanks for the kind words.