Late arm break

I’ve been watching video’s of many professional pitchers and comparing them to me. I noticed a lot of them separate their hands from their glove a lot later than i do. Then they don’t seem to have a full arm swing, just down and back till the arm is at about 90, then they bring it forward. Is this good? i break my hands much earlier, when my leg starts to go down after the leg kick. Then i take it down, back, and up. Which is better?

I was watching the Little League World Series when I was younger and I remember the announcers were watching the pitchers mechanics and said that the his hands should be breaking when his leg starts to come down.(Tim Lincecum does this.)

They might bring the arm back to 90 to help control the running game. Then they just don’t change mechanics when pitching from the wind up.

I’m not an expert but I would say whatever is comfortable. Bringing your arm all the way back and up would probably get more velocity because there is more time for the arm to gather speed but it takes more time to deliver the pitch. Another problem with one or the other is rushing or having too much arm lag.

It’s all a matter of timing. Your arm action has to be timed to the rest of your delivery so that everything happens at the right time with no unnecessary delays at any point.

Yeah i feel comfortable with mine, I just thought it was kind of weird. i just noticed that Francisco Rodriguez had a late break and then had a weird arm swing.

I remember something Ed Lopat told me once, about when he was with the Chicago White Sox. Ted Lyons, the manager (who was himself no slouch on the mound), taught him both the long arm—full extension as the pitch is delivered—and the short-arm delivery where you just snap it through. This doubled the number of pitches Lopat had, and one day he showed me how to do this. So I used both versions; I threw sidearm, and I used the crossfire extensively, and ohmigosh the number of pitches I had at my disposal! So I would say it really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re comfortable with the delivery you’re using.
Lopat had this basic premise: every pitcher has a natural motion. So what he would do was work with that pitcher and show him/her how to take full advantage of what s/he had and could do. He wouldn’t ever mess around with deliveries, just come up with a few things, a few tricks, the pitcher could do to be more effective with them. :slight_smile: 8)


In my delivery, as long as my arm was at a 90 degree angle and at shoulder height at landing, I was happy because that is a strong position for a pitcher to be in to throw hard. As long as your hitting your checkpoints, don’t worry about how others get there. Everyone will be different.


you should do whatever feels comfortable and when your timing is right