Last year of HS ball.. NVHS 2009

Well I’m starting to get back into the routine… I dropped 20lbs over the past couple months… Down to 250 from about 270-275 which is great! I gain some leg, back and arm muscle. Mainly legs tho.

Time to start conditioning and working my mechanics again… Threw for the first time the last couple days and my elbow is pretty worn out… it’s nothing tho. :lol:

Legs are sore too, I have a baseball/softball conditioning class this trimester and they have us doing skip drills… I’ll have to get video of it one day… I think its stupid and rediculous but the softball coach says it’ll make us faster and I think I have already. :smiley: :lol:

I’m hoping to drop atleast another 20lbs… Any suggestions?


Are you from Nevada?
If you are what part are you from

His location says “Southern Oregon”

The NV means North Valley… Its the name of my high school.

Sorry for any confusion

Yesterday I did a lil bit of weight lifting… I was VERY sore. So I just benched 125 and cleaned 90lbs. Not much, but didn’t want to make my elbow any sorer.

Today, pitchers and catcher worked together… Just did some throwing but that’s it… I also sorta started a diet… I want to drop 20-40lbs by the end of febuary.

I forgot to mention… Im trying to find a good workout plan instead of a crap load of workouts… There is the weight lifting one:
The thrower 10:
this one:

And I don’t know if I should do all of them or like split them all up and do half one day and half the other day.

Any other workout suuggestions would be GREAT!!!


Just benched and did a different type of squat with a dumbell today

10x3 of 115(Didn’t want to do much since I was already sore and my body is exhausted right now.)

Did one set of the squat.

10x3 for cleans one set was with 10s on and the other two were with 25s

I’m taking a break this weekend to let my body re-coup. I may do some stretching this weekend, I am also starting a diet monday to drop 20lbs in fat by the end of Feb.

Well I got in a lil trouble and that’s why I haven’t been on in a while…

My arm is in shape now… I’ve nearly dropped 20lbs. and for some reason… feels like I am throwing alot harder this year…

I’m out for two more weeks because of minor surgery and I’ll be able to practice on the first day tho.

I’ve been throwing while not being able to participate fully… Been working on curve and slider… Little frustrated with my coach and the slider. I’ve decided that I’m gonna work my arse off when practice starts to prove to my coach that I am worth being on varsity. Going to start lifting a lil more. dumbbell bench and some other workouts.

Yesterday throw about 20 pitches… Just to see how well my arm was feeling… I love it. NO PAIN IN MY ELBOW AT ALL!!! :smiley:

My slider was breaking nasty! curve was alright and change up was a change up lol.

Going down to the park today sometime to get some film for a coach to evaluate. It’ll be interesting.