Last summer pitching appearance!

This is my last pitching appearance of the summer, it was at a big national tournament at the Astros spring training complex. I got the win and we moved on, I was hoping for any help if possible on the mechanics, most of this is me in the stretch. Thanks!!!

I think you look good overall… I like your stretch mechanics - keeping it simple, moving directly to the plate. A couple of things: it appears as though you may be landing a bit closed - not sure, you may be right on the midline but I think you land across it some; by doing so, you are then opening up your landing foot and pointing it toward the left handed batter’s box. This causes a bit of an unstable landing (landing leg knee is not directly over the ankle) which then causes you to spin off toward first base. That’s the big thing I see from this angle.

Thank you very much, ill be sure to work on that for the fall