Last Pre season game-Varsity 2011- LHP Mechanical Help

Hey guys, so prior to the season my arm wasn’t feeling so good on my outer elbow. Now after getting back into my lifting and cardio exercises, throwing everyday at practice to work my arm, long toss and the such, I have recovered remarkably. Also with the help of a Dynaflex Pro Gyro. If you don’t know about these, I would highly recommend getting one, they build your arm strength tremendously and your grip.

Anyways, I wanted some more advice on my mechanics from our last pre season game against a team from Oregon.

Here is the link to the photos.

Any advice would be of help to me.

Thanks for your time,


Here are links if you don’t have a facebook.

Pictures 242-264

Well a couple of things, first on pictures 247 and 48 your front side is very stiff, this doesn’t allow you to flatten your back and continue to move forward as you can see in picture 258. You could still get so much more out of your body by getting your back flat.

You will notice on pictures 247 and 258 how you also aren’t keeping your head straight you are adjusting your body to move the arm and ball through to your release point.

I really like your glove side mechanics and your balance point looks nice too.

You might be lifting your leg a little high like in picture 243 and 249 you are balling up a little, you are a nice tall pitcher and you are losing some of your hight by doing this.

Thank you for your advice, those were some things I noticed as well, my dad just showed me this drill on a 2x4 which really focuses on keeping your back straight, and balanced. Otherwise you fall off the board. I am going to continue working on this exercise and hopefully I will start to fix that problem.

Thanks for your comment.

Has anyone noticed anything other than what, buwhite, had to say? Any other tips or drills that “MAY” help me are very beneficial to me at this point. Thanks.