Lantz Wheeler's Core Velocity Belt



I’m looking for Lantz Wheeler’ Core velocity belt 3-day camp, but I couldn’t find any of that information from the website. I tried to contact his customer service, but no one answers. I even sent a message through Facebook, but again they ignored me (There was a seen mark on my Facebook messenger). I want to know the information at least. So please help me if anyone knows the way to reach him.

Thank you


Try emailing him xxxxxxxxxxx he’s pretty responsive. It’s an excellent program; a little pricey but well worth it (IMO).


Thanks for giving me his email address! By the way, how would you describe his program, and did you see any velocity gain?


It’s more than a three day camp, work before and after you attend. Lantz identifies inefficiencies and creates a program taylor made for your issues. My son is finishing the last phase of his training. He started out in the low 80’s and now is in the upper 80’s. He saw some immediate gains but a lot has come over time, do not think he would have achieved without the program. It will take dedication on your part; it’s not 3 days and your done but it’s well worth the effort.


Going from low 80s to upper 80s? Wow, that is a very impressing story. After reviewing your comment, I’m convinced to attend his camp. Lastly, just for my information, I want to know that how long did it take your son to increase his velocity or how long does it take to complete one training session?


He’s been working on the program for about 6 months total. The training varies from day to day but can normally be completed in 30 minutes or less. Got to allow some time to review videos so may take a little longer when workout changes. There were some breaks so it’s not 6 months straight. Each training program has been a building block to his ultimate goal (overcoming his biggest velocity leak). I’m excited to see the progress when he completes this phase. Lantz knows his stuff and I’m amazed at the progress. Got to be willing to do your part & stick with it. Times my son didn’t see the point in some of the drills; he’s a believer now.


Hey man, I have used core velo belt that I am looking to sell if you still want one.