Lantz Wheelers Core Velocity Belt?


I am a huge fan of Lantz Wheeler and enjoy hearing what he has to say and the content he puts out there. I am currently saving up to attend his camp, buy his product the core velocity belt, and buy his video pitch-a-palooza. This will run me close to 3 Gs and as a college kid that essentially equals 10 billion dollars. Before I spend this money, I want to know what I can expect coming out of the camp and utilizing the core velocity belt; Such as Velo gains, refined mechanics, etc… If anyone has any background or experience with any of the items I listed I would greatly appreciate input before I dish out all of that money.

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I have the core velo belt and I absolutely love it. I’m sure you’re familiar with the “trust what you feel” motto he uses a lot, but you don’t truly know what it is you want to feel until you throw with his belt on. When you hook up the belt and throw off of a mound with it, you really feel like your body’s sequencing is spot on and that’s something that’s hard to teach without being able to feel it. I tend to over think my mechanics a lot and using the belt helped me quit analyzing so much and just throw. So it helped me out there a lot and I also saw a 3 mph increase in my average velo, not just peak velocity. When j started I was 83- 85 constantly and now I’m sitting 86 -88. It’s a great tool to use, and I haven’t been to his camps so I imagine you will learn a lot more than I have by doing that.


Thanks for the reply my man, I plan on making the purchase. I love what Lantz puts out and all of his videos. How many cords do you get along with the belt? Also, is it similar to the SKLZ 360 recoil belt?


I got two cords with the belt, and I can’t say I’m familiar with the sklz recoil thing you mentioned.


There are a couple of belts out there.
The closest to Wheelers is probably a belt put out by Dr. Yesis starting way back in the early 80’s.
When I look at the SKLZ belt everything I see it is attached around peoples waists…with Wheelers’ belt and Dr. Yesis’ belt the key is it goes around the hips, not the waist. This is a subtle but major difference.
The idea of both of these (Wheeler, Yesis) is to train the hips to move, to rotate, to initiate movement.
These are key factors in throwing and swinging.
The claims made my Wheeler is that there is usually an uptick in velo but also command with the belt…I would assume because of the proper sequencing jakecokely spoke of.
I would be interested in knowing if Jake saw an improvement in command?
Wheelers belt was designed with pitcher in mind, Dr. Yesis belt was designed with golfers in mind, although, most of the hip stuff is transferable to throwers.