Lanky Frame

I’m a rising junior who is 6’5’’, weighing in at an astounding 150lbs.

Any tips on how to best develop this frame/use it to my advantage?



Put on 50 pounds. You should be from 187-229 lbs.

lol you sir should be 220+ easily if you just eat and work out. (and no being 220 would not be unhealthy)

Is your name Cole Hamels?

Seriously, Cole is pretty darn lanky too.

A little weight couldn’t hurt. However, you have to make sure your mechanics don’t suffer from the added weight. If you are going to lift weights and eat more to gain the weight make sure you maintain flexibility.

I use to weight 155 and I decided i wanted to be in the 190s. However I seem to have lost 4-5mph in there somewhere because I neglected working on my flexibility a lot. People with skinny frames like you and me tend to show little gains A LOT more than people who are naturally shorter and more stout. A few lbs of muscle on a skinny frame, especially in the upper body can look like 7-10lbs compared to the same gain on a person sub-6’

So if you do go for the gain make sure you don’t just lift lift lift eat eat eat and forget to stay flexible. And also don’t sell yourself short because you put on 3lbs and the mirror shows you put on 7lb. I’ve gotten on many scales thinking i put on a 5lbs but to only see a short gain.