Landon Brown PONY Bronco 2nd year


This is Landon, 2nd year Bronco age group.
He made the all-star team, his pitch speed has dropped off lately and throws more pass balls than during the regular season. Any advice on all the un needed movements he has?


I would work on the glove side and the foot placement. I have a feeling if he works on pulling forward with the glove and tucking it in, as posted to letting it fall down and pull him down with it, the footwork issues might fix itself. He may get a longer stride and not fall forward. Start with the feet a little more spread apart when he comes set and see if the glove side fixes the stride.


He should bring his leg up higher when he is in the stretch


Thank you both for the responses. We rested him since the video for 3 weeks till last night and did 2 things. We lengthened his stride and widened his stance. No one was told about this. Several approached us and said he looked more comfortable and threw more strikes.