Landing point?

I was looking at some MLB videos and HighSchool Videos. I noticed many people land differently. I am talking about the front side leg. Do you land directly in front of the heel of your back leg? The reason I ask is I have seen many highschoolers land on their heel and some land with their toes pointing towards the batters box.

I prefer that my pitchers land on a flat foot with their toe pointed pretty much directly at the target.

i think you should land on the inside part of your foot and the toe pointing at the most 45 degrees towards home plate, your foot will turn and open at the end of the pitch any way

But if you land this way then your hips won’t be all the way open which will limit how much the muscles of your torso are stretched which will limit your velocity.

Furthermore, you will probably put more torque on the front hip and knee when your follow-through twists you around.