Landing on the Heel

What are you supposed to land on? Because i land on heel and i hear that thats not the way to do it…also is it bad to follow throw falling through to the 1st base side like most pitchers in the MLB?
because they tell me that, its the wrong way to do it…

If you are dynamically balanced as you land, it does not matter whether you land on your heel, your toe, or flat-footed. There are lots of examples of elite pitchers in each category.

If you land with poor balance, you’ve likely got something else to work on in your delivery. [Note: This is Tom House/NPA advice, not original to me].

Honestly, I don’t know much about the follow through towards first. The landing on the heel thing though has a lot to do with your pitching motion and its easier to tell if its affecting you if we have a video.

What landing on your heel CAN do is break your momentum towards home and cause you to lose some speed. Most coaches prefer you land on the ball of your foot or at least flat footed because it allows you to keep your full body moving forward.

Like was said above, though, if you are landing and keeping balanced then it really doesn’t matter.

Good comments so far. I’ll add some in my own words.

If you’re getting out over your front leg and releasing in front of your front foot, then landing on your heel isn’t an issue for you. Otherwise, I would suggest that instead of over-striding you’re probably “under-momentum-ing”. :wink:

Remember, there’s always two way of looking at things.

About the falling to the side…
If it’s caused by the amount of the momentum you generate it’s okay, but if it’s something else it’s usually not okay.
A video would help to give better advices.