Landing On Heel

I know this is a mechanical flaw, but whats does/ can it affect? Also I know I do this and my a few people have told me that I do. I want to make this my offseason adjustment. How should I go about fixing the problem? Drill or anything are helpful.

Anyone? lol i mean i know its not the most interesting topic but i wunna fix this durin summer so i need some help

Have you tried pointing your toes down during leg lift?

Nope never crossed my mind. What would that do?

Try it and let me know if it helps.

Landing on the heel first is not a problem. It’s how hard/soft you land and what happened before and after it lands. If you feel you have a flaw it may be something else.

These people that tell you do this, are they looking at video or using their own eyes? I suggest recording yourself and looking at video rather than what someone remembers they saw.

Landing on your heel is not itself a problem. But it could be a symptom of some other problem. For example, it could be an indication that you lack momentum and are not getting out over the front leg.

Landing on your heel and keeping your leg stiff can lead to knee, hip, and shoulder issues, as well as causing your timing to be off if you’re not careful. From a pitch perspective, your pitches will be high in the zone a flatten out, as you wont have the ability to let your lower body follow through properly (which also can lead to injury).

A good way to think about how to finish with your delivery is to think “nose to toes”. This will cause you to have some flex in your knee upon delivery; this worked for me way back when, as I had the same issue (landed on heel and released pitch on a straight leg with no flexion in the knee).

Now that you bring this point up about having other problems as a result…I do have a tendency to throw high, and I’ve been having problems getting break on my curve and change up.

Also a former Oriole looked at me pitching and said that the landing on my heel went hand in hand with me wrapping my arm behind me when I pitch.Meaning the ball comes out from behind my back and is visible to the hitter when I break my hands.

I have a problem with my follow through as well. My weight never gets fully forward. I balance on my landing leg and my pivot leg stays in the air until I force my leg to come down, after I pitch the ball. It doesn’t just come down naturally as part of the motion.

Also to the former Oriole told me that I landed on a stiff front knee as well, but that, as long as I had never had knee or hip trouble, was ok.

I never knew all of these problems I have been told I have that seem so minor can come from such a tiny thing like landing on my heel. I just need to learn a way to fix the landing on my heel. Is there a drill or something I can do??

If you’re planting of a straight front leg, you’re not moving fast enough.

Tough to help without video, but this may come down to something simple like not breaking your hands soon enough (which plays into what Roger just mentioned about not being quick enough with your delivery).

Wow you guys are good the former Oriole told me I don’t break my hands soon enough either. I have a video in the pitching analysis forum thing

Finally took a look at your video (still noob around here, so my apologies for being a little slow on the draw with this); the video is a bit choppy, but it looks like you do have some flex in your knee at your release point (as far as I could tell on my less than stellar home monitor), but you seem to pop up a bit soon, hence the finishing with a stiff leg. You may want to concentrate on a slight ly earlier hand break, and finishing off your delivery; this will allow you to keep that slightly flexed leg, keep your velocity, allow your pitches to stay low in the zone with some movement. This will also allow your arm to properly decelerate, and minimize the chances of injury.

Keep up the good work, and best of luck!