Landing on heel

How vital is it that you land flat on your foot or on the balls of your feet when it comes to your landing? I land slightly heel first. I mean its not like I’m driving my heel into the ground or anything. I’ve noticed a few pros who do what I do like Daniel Cabrerra and he throws high 90’s so I mean how much harm does landing on your heel do?

It might make you less accurate when you pitch.

no. it is a very bad thing to do. it inhibits torso rotation a bit and when you land on the balls of your feel you get your momentum going forward. if you land on the heel you will be less accurate and will have less velocity.

Imagine yourself throwing on a smooth wet surface. Now, would you want to be landing on your heel then?

It “might” appear that some land on their heel first, but they transfer all their weight onto the rest of their foot. Being able to transfer the weight onto the ball of your feet will give more stability to the front leg.

Landing on your heel usually means something’s wrong in your delivery. It can also lead to opening up the hips and shoulders too early.

if you land on your heel you will most likely throw balls, try landing on your toe first. Also daniel cabrera throws 90 but look at his control when he pitches, i think he leads the league in base on balls

yea he does

Landing on the heel isn’t itself a problem. The rest of the foot comes down what - a couple microseconds later? Now, if landing on the heel is an indication of another problem (e.g. a lack of momentum and not getting out over the front foot), then you should fix that other problem. But don’t bother trying to fix the landing if nothing else is wrong. IMHO.