Landing Leg

As a righty, I want my left foot to land pointed slightly toward the righthanded batters box. Normally, the darned thing points toward the on deck circle behind the lefty’s box!

Any tips on correcting it?

By the way, I’ve walked 12 and hit six in 88.3 innings this season, along with some 65 K’s, , ERA at about 2.50, so those stats seem to be fine, yet this issue is driving me a bit batty.


Is it just that your foot is rotated to the lefty side or do you stride in that direction?

Hmm, interesting question. At 6’2", I attempt to use the long legs to generate power and distract the hitter while hiding the ball, and feature a rather high kick. I try very hard NOT to come flailing off the mound toward first base with each pitch, and would like to be more consistent in “squaring up” upon the landing.

Thus, to answer the question, perhaps the direction of the foot is indicative of the left shoulder flying open and carrying my torso’s momentum a bit to the left. The lands to brace the body consistent with the weight distribution, right?

How do you use your long legs to generate power? What is it you do with them that you think generates power? What is power - velocity?

I’m not trying to be a smart-ass with these questions - I’m just trying to make you think about what you actually do and communicate that back.

The velocity seems to come best when the left leg is whipped around to the landing position while the arm follows last in kind of a rubber band effect. No legs, no torso seems to equal minimal velocity. I’ve pitched like that and one, though the focus on the arm is more acute, and I feel much better utilizing the whole package.

…er, won, not one…where’s my editor?

“Whipping” the leg might help if you don’t have much separation between hips and shoulders as that might speed up your shoulder rotation. But generally I’d say that whipping the leg will more likely cause problems with things like opening up the hips too soon/far and messing up your timing in the same manner as pushing hard off the rubber.

But, without seeing you, this is all speculation.

The original intent here was to land the foot into the right position without having to actually think about it. Are you suggesting that the landing of the leg should be a more methodical, relaxed approach, versus any sense of whipping it (i.e. bringing it forward with more momentum than on the “backswing”), and that the proper mechanics will still bring the velocity and ball movement needed?

Yes, truly, video would shorten the conversation.