Landing Hard On Heel

Is that a huge problem for ones mechanics?
Lately I’ve been missing up, and I wonder why…
I don’t bullpen in Practices for my HS i dont know why, but can that be a reason for command issues?

In my opinion, landing hard on your heel can act as a “brake” in your mechanics and cause you to lose velocity; you should try and avoid it. If you’re not throwing pens with your team, you should try and get in some side work on your own (even if you ask a catcher to stay behind for a few minutes after practice).

Otherwise, how’s the season going? Any word on where you’ll play next year?

Take care.

Right! If you watch major league pitchers in action, you’ll notice that they land on the ball of the foot, which they’re supposed to do because it contributes to the desired push towards the plate. You really need to do some bullpens, preferably with a catcher, and concentrate od doing this.

I think of landing on the heel as more a result of something else that’s wrong than a problem itself. Landing on the heel is only an issue if it is indicative of some other problem. It is not itself a problem. But if it indicates a failure to get out over the front foot then something is whack and that is what needs to be fixed. Maybe there’s a lack of momentum. Maybe there’s a posture issue or timing issue.

Bullpens are very important. If you coach doesn’t have you throw bullpens, take it upon yourself to do it. Ask one of your catchers to catch for you. And have a plan as to what things you want to work on in each pen.

Otherwise, how’s the season going? Any word on where you’ll play next year?

Take care.[/quote]

Season is going well, its a bummer we only play 15 games so the season is almost over. Though I will be playing for a College Summer team with a bunch of JC guys from No. Cal from guys in College of San Mateo to guys from Chabot College, in the summer I’ll be playing with guys 19-20 years old. Im only a Junior so I have one more year of HS left. Hopefully this summer I can get some more looks from colleges, which I don’t doubt.

IMO the heel landing is another one of those “baseball lores” that won’t die.

Unless you are crashing into footplant in some manner and landing heel/toe is causing a jarring of your body (which could cause command issues), a smooth landing of heel first (then toe) is a non issue.

Joel Zumaya (and probably others) lands this way all the time and he no more control problem (and for sure no velocity problems) than any other pitcher that I can see.

IMO 8)

landing on your heel can lead to hip discomfort or injury. It also can rotate your hips too soon and not allow your front leg to pull your back knee “back side knee drive” and hip into rotation…So you wont get max power from your lower half. If your legs don’t produce the power then you are most likely just rolling into rotation and ending up with a recoiling follow through.

try to land on the inside of your stride foot and use that leg to pull your back leg and hip into rotation. I tell myself pull in my knee and let the pivot foot pivot on the ball of the foot. You should really feel it in your groin and hamstrings.

Having seen your mechs Jr. I’m inclined to agree with Roger…and I feel this a very astute insight. You tend to hang back…like your boy CC, there are some small tweaks you can do…such as loading a bit more…this will get you to lead with the hips more and perhaps get you a bit more “posturally” centered. Crashing into landing isn’t the worst thing…but to me it is an indicator of a disconnect in the chain and indicative of a lack of forward mo.

alright I’ll try that