Landing foot closed

I have been pitching and i have noticed I land a little to the right {im right handed} does this put extra stress on the arm or should i try to fix it? I was going to try to fix it so my mechaincs would be better is that smart?

If it is only a little it is no big deal. A lot of pitchers land a bit closed, especially breaking ball pitchers. It does tend to put a bit more stress on the arm but there are a lot of pitchers who have had long careers doing it that way.

Glavine is an example of a successful pitcher who strides to the closed side. But, as a lefty, he starts on the right side of the rubber. Try starting on the left side of the rubber. That should minimize how much you have to “turn the corner” to square up to the target.

I pitch from the left side of the rubber already is that ok? I feel better on the left side then the right side. I feel from the left side im more explosive and can hit my target better.

I wouldn’t have recommended it if it wasn’t ok.