Landing closed?

you know that whole thing about stopping your front leg so your momentum gets around your leg quicker? well its obvious that you stop quicker when you land closed.

well, should you land slightly closed? you see many pitchers do this in the majors. or its just seems like it due to the camera angle. i was watching C.C. sabathia and he was. also says you should do this.

There are no absolutes in baseball. Some pitchers plant slightly open. Some plant with the foot point straight at home plate. And some plant slightly closed. You should do what works best for you - not try to copy another pitcher.

The reason for landing a little closed is to allow the hips to tighten and close off. This is essential to developing velocity because it maximize your torque. I just wrote an article on this here

If you are going to work on landing more closed you need to make sure first you have done everything else in your delivery correctly. If you haven’t this could cause problems. This should be a final tweak to an effective delivery.