Landing Closed

My son has started the landing closed with his front foot and is throwing across his body.

He has never really had this problem before. Any thoughts on what to look for?

Are you talking about foot position (i.e. rotated away from target) or location (i.e. striding away from target)? Or both?

When his stride foot lands it is not in a straight line towards the target. He is LH so it is closer to the firstbase side.

It started after we took about 6 weeks off from throwing at the end of the season. At first I thought it was just because we had not thrown but it seems to be every time now.

His timing is hosed, drill some step behinds. When it is a timing problem, what happens is his foot/leg lift aren’t sync’d up with hand break and in order for him to get to the power position, his hips aren’t being able to get all the way open and thusly his foot has to get down closed. The step behinds should get his body sync’d back up.

Yeah. could be a timing problem like JD said though I’d expect to see some other problem as well (e.g. a posture and balance problem).

Or it could be that he’s just striding offline for some reason. If this is the case, get him to put some focus on getting his hips going earlier and leading with his front hip through the early part of his stride. If he commits his weight in the right direction, the stride direction will straighten out.

I’m watching the Yankee game right now and Jared Weaver just entered for the Angels… Talk about a bad stride! He lands waaaay closed and ends up having to compensate by bringing his arm all the way back across his body. I’m surprised that his pitching coach isn’t working on this with him. In my opinion, it’s a bad habit that’s gotten worse this post-season.

But in addition to control problems, landing too closed makes it tough to throw effective breaking pitches…

We worked on it some on Sunday and it is getting better. We did the step behinds and worked on just getting the hips open. It was an improvement.

He seems to be going through another growth spurt too, he always gets messed up when this happens.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Jered Weaver does not land closed.

The whole Weaver family lands closed.


Again, not closed.

Not sure if the link will work but it looks like he is landing closed.

lol, you’re joking, right, kev?

In this MLB clip, he’s practically stepping toward the 3B dugout:

He’s closed here, too, buddy. See all that space in front of the rubber behind his right heel? So he’s already starting waaay to the right of the rubber. Then, when he strides, he steps toward the RHH batter’s box (or even the RH batter like that MLB video in the previous post shows) … and his toes are pointed toward the 3B side of the mound.

Case “closed” :slight_smile:

Ohh, i thought you were talking about the foot being closed, because his hips are.

                My bad :(

It’s effective for Weaver(s) though.

Hey, Kev … I see you’re in Pittsburgh. Pirates fan? Routing for the Phils or is that like a Yankee fan routing for the Mets :slight_smile:

But that my be why Jered Weaver tops out at 89mph.

I agree with you guys that it’s not super efficient. I think it’s a bad habit that just got worse as the season progressed. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not on a short list of this to work on for next season for him.

Steve, I’m rooting for the Phillies because I can’t root for the Yankees. I’m an even bigger Red Sox fan. :smiley: Hey Steve, how’d you know I rooted for the Succos?